About Content ID Music

How do I use these songs on YouTube?

Please follow these exact instructions when using the music on YouTube:


  • Download the license from the YouTube CID License page and make note of your Order ID (Order Number)

  • Add your unique "Order ID" into the YouTube attribution license and place the license in each video description when using the same song on YouTube

  • You can make your videos live straight away and dispute the Content ID claim

  • Make sure to dispute the claim as you are instructed in the PDF document

  • Once the claim has been removed, you get to keep all your revenue from day one!​

The unique "Order ID" can be used for every video you upload with that same song making the process easier. Each time you use the song, all you need to do is add the "Order ID" and dispute the claim. If you would like to use another Content ID song, you will need to download another license from the YouTube CID License page and you will be given a different PDF document and a different Order ID.

This process is a little different to normal but each step is necessary and Declan DP will always find ways to make this easier. The whole purpose of this is to protect the music and to give you peace of mind that you are safe to use the music, after all this process gives you a PDF license that proves you have permission to use the music.

If you do not want to make your video live straight away then it is much better to make the video 'unlisted' rather than 'private' as Declan DP will be able to manually review your video and remove the claim whilst it is 'unlisted' and have the claim removed if you have followed the rules. Leaving the video private will make the process more difficult and longer for you. If you have been waiting for more than 14 days for a dispute, please contact Declan DP.

Who will the claim be from?

The claim will be from "Repost Network" and you should receive an email from YouTube to advise that you have received a claim from a copyright holder. Within the claim on YouTube, it will say the claim is from "Repost Network on Behalf of: Declan DP". These songs are not copyright free. If you don't follow the rules then the claim will remain active or your video may be taken down.

How will I know which songs are under this policy?

Any video from Declan DP's YouTube channel with "Content ID Music" or "CID Music" in the title has been added into Content ID. These releases are not copyright free and should not be promoted as so.

Licenses for these releases are free and work similarly to Declan DPs' normal song releases but the process of locating a license is different and there are a few extra steps that you need to follow when using the song within your videos on YouTube.

What are the benefits of using these songs?

Copyright infringement isn't nice for anyone, especially in the case where a copyright holder allows their work to be used for free and so many people use it. The reality is that a single person can't completely stop infringement from happening altogether. The best way to stop it is to start from the beginning.

  • Being prepared and having a copyright claim (and having the claim removed) at the start is 100% better than getting fake claims further down the line, right?

  • As the music is already in Content ID and managed by the copyright holder, you can put your mind to ease that you won't get fake claims.

  • As each claim is manually reviewed, you know that you're using the music correctly.

The benefits are also in the favour of the copyright holder

  • The copyright holder can manage the music and easily see the people that aren't playing by the rules.

  • The copyright holder no longer needs to find any infringing material because this will come to them!

  • As there are no more fake claims, there will be no more angry emails from people that have had their videos claimed, anyone using this Content ID music is already aware that they will get a claim and they also know how to have the claim removed.

  • The copyright holder can gain financially from those who either don't play by the rules or don't care if their monetization is taken from the video (mainly the people that aren't in the YT Partner Program).

Will you add older songs into Content ID?

Not for now. I am exploring other options for my older songs and I am in contact with a company that is trying to make it possible to add music into Content ID to only protect the music rather than to monetize. As YouTube is very strict with the Content ID system, this process may take some time but hopefully, in the future, this will be possible, and "Content ID Music" will no longer be needed.

For now, only new releases will be under this new "Content ID Music" license.

What you can do with the Content ID Music

For YouTube / Instagram

  • You can use the music on YouTube / Instagram when you copy and paste the relevant license into your video description.

  • You can chop / extend the duration of the music so that it fits your video.

  • You can monetize your content and keep 100% of the revenue earned as long as you follow the instructions from above and have a valid license.

For any other website / platform​

  • You can use the music on platforms other than YouTube / Instagram when you have purchased a valid license from my licensing page.

  • You can chop / extend the duration of the music so that it fits your video.

  • You can monetize your content and keep 100% of the revenue earned as long as you have a valid license from: https://www.declandp.info/license

What you cannot do with the Content ID Music

For all websites / platforms

  • You can't use the music without a valid license.

  • You can't promote the music as "Copyright Free" because it isn't.

  • You can't create your own rules / licenses.

  • You can't edit Declan DP / Audio Library licenses.

  • You can't rename / retitle the music.

  • you can't claim the music as your own or someone elses.

  • You can't remix / remake / duplicate the music in any form.

  • You can't use MP3 converters to download the music or promote the use of one.

  • You can't upload the material to any music detection services such as (but not limited to);
    - Shazam / Apple Siri.
    - YouTube / Facebook Content ID.

  • You can't distribute the music, this includes (but not limited to);
    - Giving away the download(s) for free.
    - Selling the music.
    - Uploading to online music streaming / distribution websites (such as Audio Grab, Soundcloud, Etc...)
    - Adding to streaming stores (such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Etc...)

Please note

Declan DP reserves the right to remove material when the music is being infringed/stolen or to not remove any Content ID claim if the end-user does not have a valid license. Reasons for removing the material or keeping the Content ID claim can vary but this would only be done to protect the music, Declan DP and other creators on YouTube.

This cannot be disputed as these are the terms on using music by Declan DP. If you do not agree then you do not need to use the music.

General scenarios and outcomes:

  1. When the music is used properly & made public or unlisted - The claim will be removed automatically by Declan DP within 3 - 8 days.

  2. Invalid or no license - The claim will remain active and the revenue gets paid to Declan DP.

  3. Any infringement - The video will be reported and permanently removed from YouTube.