Copyright Policy

What happens if I do not follow your rules?

Declan DP does not tolerate any kind of infringement whatsoever. Any persons who do not follow the rules will receive copyright notices and strikes. Declan DP has a policy to remove all material where copyright infringement occurs and if the uploader wishes to gain this back, the license will no longer be for free.

Purchasing a license after receiving a copyright notice will be extremely costly because you will not only need to pay for the license itself but also, you will need to pay for any losses, damages and costs involved with the infringement.

This is why it is important to read the rules and policies and contact Declan DP before uploading the music if you are not sure of anything.

Even though music by Declan DP falls under "Royalty Free", this still means that Declan DP can submit legal notices and copyright strikes to those who do not follow the policies and rules. After all, these are not for show. The rules are here to protect the music for everyone to continue using it safely. Therefore, Declan DP will always remove infringement, however popular the video/person is.

Purchasing a license is not the same as paying royalties, royalties are earned every week / month from the video you make whereas a license gives you permission to use the music in your video in the first place. Therefore, royalty free means that you do not need to pay royalties to the copyright owner but this does not exempt you from having a license, you will still need a license to use any intellectual property that you do not own and this includes any music by Declan DP.

Sometimes, you may see phrases such as "Copyright-Free" or "Copyright-Safe", these terms have been created by users searching for material which is Royalty-Free. Please do not assume that if material is tagged as "Copyright-Free" that you can steal it or use it without licensing as this is not the case and will result in a copyright claim.

When would you submit a copyright complaint?

If the music released by Declan DP is infringed in any way, Declan DP may submit a copyright complaint to protect the material, Declan DPs reputation and other creators. This process can not be disputed because you need to follow the rules or have a valid license in order to use the material in the first place. By using music by Declan DP, you agree to all terms, conditions and policies by Declan DP and therefore, you agree for the material to be removed if you do not follow the rules.

Please see the other policies such as the Usage Policy and License Policy for information on what you can and can't do as well as how to license the material properly.

Declan DP does not have any obligation to contact the end-user before submitting a complaint and certainly has no obligation to retract a copyright claim / strike.

As a user of the material, it is your responsibility to make sure that you use any material that you do not own properly but most importantly, to contact the copyright owner before uploading the material if you have any doubts or questions.

Contacting the owner first will most likely mean that you will end up using the material properly and therefore, you won't receive a claim.

Accidental / False Content ID Claims

We understand that because the Content Identification systems can be accessed by almost anyone across the world, there may be occasions where music by Declan DP is added into Content ID by mistake or by people attempting to steal the music. Both of these situations are not very nice for you as a creator but also for Declan DP especially because once this happens, Declan DP receives many emails, comments and messages where some people do not understand the situation but assume the worst.


For either of these situations, Declan DP cannot be held liable or responsible for any revenue lost during this person as these are completely out of our control. YouTube and other companies allow anyone to add any material into their Content Identification services as long as they agree that they own the material but do not ask them for evidence, therefore Declan DP cannot prevent this from happening altogether.

Declan DP will never try to steal your money, regardless of if you receive a claim from Declan DP, we ask that if this ever happens for you to contact Declan DP with the video URL and simply ask the reason why it has happened. Declan DP will be honest with every person when it comes to this situation and will always try to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

You can email this to

We ask that you do not dispute these claims unless instructed to do so by Declan DP as disputing a claim will enter you into a legal battle when you may not have the necessary rights to use the material or may have breached these terms.

Please do not give Declan DP abuse when this happens because it may not even be Declan DP that has added the song into Content ID, it may be someone else. Any person who gives abuse in these circumstances will have DMCA notices to remove all material that contain music by Declan DP as Declan DP reserves the right to refuse use of the music to any person as per the usage policy.

Content ID Claims (except the officially released Content ID Music)

From time to time, Declan DP has the right to add music released under any license into any Content ID system. The reason behind this would only be if there is reasonable suspicion that there is infringement occurring. Declan DP may add any song into a Content Identification service in order to locate any material that has used the music in order to find any infringement.

However, this will be controlled where Declan DP can remove the music from Content ID when the investigation has been completed. Declan DP would usually only do this for a specific amount of time (between 1 - 2 weeks).

Declan DP has the right to do this without warning. If you receive a Content ID claim, please contact Declan DP via email: and further instructions will be given to you.

Declan DP will not be responsible or liable for any revenue lost during this period since this will purely be for investigative purposes only and as mentioned previously, by using music by Declan DP you agree to these terms.

I received a copyright complaint, what do I do?

If you have received a copyright complaint then you can contact Declan DP with as much information as possible. Declan DP will usually ask for your Channel / Profile URL, the video URL which has been removed, and a screenshot of any notice from YouTube / Facebook or any other platform.

This information will help Declan DP locate the material and any evidence held.


Once this has been received, Declan DP or a representative will usually contact you within 24 hours with an explanation of why the material was used and would usually give advice on how to improve so that the same mistakes do not happen again. Where applicable, Declan DP may also attach evidence of the infringement to further prove that the end-user has done something against the policies.

Declan DP does not accept any threats, abuse, or blackmail from anyone. All emails / messages are stored and will be used as evidence in a court of law, Declan DP has every right to remove any material containing material by Declan DP when an infringement has occurred.


Please understand that you are not the first and certainly not the last person to receive a copyright notice. You will need to take ownership of any wrong doing and make sure that you improve so that you do not receive any other notices in the future.

I received a copyright complaint that I do not think was submitted by Declan DP, what do I do?

If you have received a copyright complaint then please contact Declan DP as soon as possible with as much information as possible. Declan DP will usually ask for your Channel / Profile URL, the video URL which has been removed, and a screenshot of any notice from YouTube / Facebook or any other platform.

This information will help Declan DP locate the material and any evidence held.

Please do not dispute the claim unless instructed to do so by Declan DP because if the claim is valid, you may be entering into a legal process unknowingly.

Please allow Declan DP to complete the dispute process once it is verified that the claim is false. If this is the case, depending on the situation Declan DP may then ask you to dispute the claim but most of the time, it is not necessary and the issue can be resolved without any extra work on your part.

Declan DP will work as quickly as possible to resolve the matter and would never submit false claims or attempt to take away people's revenue.