Creator Licenses

YouTube Free Licenses*

Instagram, Facebook & Twitch Licenses*

Pro Subscription License

Podcast Licenses*

Search "Declan DP" in TikTok sounds and use the music freely on TikTok (They automatically credit the song used)

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Business Licenses

If you wish to use our music for any business related projects*

Business Licenses for Audio Library Plus Releases*

*Here's the legal bit

  • If you represent a business or wish to use the music within a business related project then you will need a commercial license.

  • YouTube licenses are not valid on other websites or platforms. Please read our Free Licenses Policy for further information.

  • YouTube licenses must be copied and pasted into your video description in order to be valid as a license. They cannot be edited in any form (this means you can't remove or add things to the licenses in any circumstance).

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Podcast and PRO Subscription Licenses are for Declan DP Releases ONLY. To determine which songs are included, you may see our categorized discography here. (All included songs are within Column B).

  • Audio Library Releases are officially released by Audio Library Records S.A.S and have different terms to Declan DP Releases. See the Audio Library Plus usage policy here.

  • Downloading a song from Declan DP does not authorize the use of the music in any form. You must gain a valid license from Declan DP in order to use the music.

  • Licenses do not approve the use of our official logos, videos or artwork. Any unauthorized use will result in a legal claim.

  • Please be respectful when using our music since breaching our terms may result in losses and damages to Declan DP and other creators. Because of these risks, we take infringement of our property extremely seriously and pursue legal action in every case.

  • Further terms apply (We highly recommend reading through them before using our music)