Licenses for YouTube & Instagram

Licenses for YouTube & Instagram are free.

Please read my usage policy for rules on how these licenses work.

Licenses for everything else

These licenses are designed for Facebook, Twitch, your own personal website, a podcast as well as any other website/platform and any other type of use. It is a contracted agreement on specific websites/platforms of your choice and does not require any visual credits placed into your descriptions.

20.99 GBP
35.99 GBP
unlimited licenes (lasts forever)

1 song

1 platform / profile

Unlimited duration (Lasts Forever)

No recurring payments

1 song

2 - 6 platforms / profiles

Unlimited duration (Lasts Forever)

No recurring payments

Need more songs / platforms and or want to pay monthly / yearly? Request a custom license below.


For Your Information

By filling out the request form, this does not mean that you have been approved. No permissions are granted until Declan DP has contacted you with a valid license and payment has been made. Declan DP reserves the right to decline any license request without reason although this may only happen if there is probable cause of copyright infringement or damage to the material.

The licenses above do not include the digital downloads.

1 platform is classed as 1 URL / profile. For example, 2 Facebook pages would be 2 platforms.

*Audio Library Plus Releases are not included.

Full terms of use for the paid licenses can be found here.

Full terms of use for the YouTube & Instagram licenses can be found here.