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  • No-attribution license for YouTube, Facebook,

       Instagram, and Twitch


*Terms and conditions apply

No-attribution licenses apply to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch only.

The subscription plan is on a month to month basis so leaving the subscription means you lose all benefits from the end of that month/billing period.

If you leave your subscription, you lose all your perks after the last day of the month in which you left - this means that from the 1st day of the following month, you will need to give attribution for all future videos and your promo code will expire.

Declan DP reserves the right to refuse service in any case (but this would only happen if the end-user breaches any policies from Declan DP.

If some instances, Declan DP may accidently submit legal notices when attribution hasn't been given although if this happens, please message Declan DP and this will be resolved.