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Facebook / Twitch License / Podcast License

Facebook / Twitch License / Podcast License

Excluding VAT

Key features:

  • Allows the use of 1 song only
  • Can be used via Facebook, Twitch & Podcasts
  • Does not transfer any rights to the purchaser
  • Purchaser must wait 24 hours to receive a license document to read and sign
  • Purchaser will receive another email with the song download
  • Does not authorize distribution of the music
  • Does not authroize reselling of the license or music


This Facebook/Twitch/Podcast License allows users to use a single song within videos on Facebook and Twitch. All purchasers must wait a maximum of 24 hours to receive an agreement to read and sign, granting them permission to use the song. This license is perfect for content creators who need a quick and easy way to license the music for the background of their creative content.

Further terms and conditions apply. If there are any questions or if the user wishes to receive an example of the contract, they must email us at before purchasing this digital product

This license is not for businesses.

You will initially receive a PDF document with some information about the license. This is not the license document.

You will receive an email within 24 hours of purchase with a document to read and sign. It is important that you read and sign this document as this will be what grants you consent to use the song within your video description.

Only 1 song will be approved per purchase.

If you wish to receive a multi-song discount, please contact us before purchasing the item above.

This license is not for businesses. Please contact us if you require a license for your business.

Contact Email:

  • Youtube
  • Spotify
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