Podcast License

Podcast License

Assign and use one (1) Declan DP music track* on unlimited episodes of up to two (2) podcasts only - without the need to give attribution credits to Declan DP.


  • How many songs? One (1)
  • Where can it be used? Can be hosted within unlimited episodes of up to two (2) podcasts only.
  • How long for? In perpetuity (Forever).
  • Payment: One time payment. Monetization/sponsorship are allowed - No additional royalties demanded.

For Your Information


Declan DP owns full legal copyright over all music released unless stated otherwise. Terms & Conditions apply.

*Audio Library Releases are not included - click here.


*Declan DP releases and Audio Library releases are categorized from the Free Download page - You can easily determine which is which by visiting this link: https://www.declandp.info/freedownload