Trick ideas for Halloween

1. Freak out passers-by 

This year, why not decorate your house to make it look as spooky as possible? Then, when the shadows lengthen on the night of October 31st, slip into something eerie (skeleton costumes are ideal) and pose on your front lawn as if you’re part of the décor. Keep as still as possible before jumping out at passers-by. They’ll totally freak and you’ll get your kicks.

2. Leave a spooky message

Leave a spooky message for a friend or relative by writing on their mirror. To do this, breathe on the glass, write something like “I’m watching you” or “I didn’t die” with your finger and leave it to dry. The next time your victim takes a shower they’ll be greeted with this spine-tingling scripture. Mwah ha ha.

3. Cover the loo in cling film

Has someone ticked you off recently? If so, covering their loo bowl in cling film is the perfect way to get revenge. Make sure it looks as natural as possible and your foe will certainly get a surprise the next time they head to the bathroom. Mean? Well, maybe a little but also incredibly funny

4. Place a ladder up against your front door

The superstitious among you will know that walking under a ladder is considered bad luck. So, if you don’t fancy any trick-or-treaters this year simply place a ladder up against your front door to keep unwanted guests at bay.

5. Send a Valentine’s card

Send a spooky Valentine’s card on Halloween (you might have to make this yourself as coffins and love hearts tend not to mix) and address it from Dracula or Frankenstein. This is sure to freak the recipient right out and keep them wondering who sent such a thing for years to come. 

6. Give someone else a treat

If you’re going trick-or-treating this year, give everyone who answers the door a treat instead of waiting for one in return. This back to front logic will leave them more than baffled whilst giving you a good laugh.

7. Change all the clocks

Add two hours to all the clocks, phones, iPads, laptops and digital devices in the house. This will really mess people up when they sit down for the Ten O'clock News and find it’s only eight.