Content ID Music

Content ID Music by Declan DP works like normal traditional licensing where the end-user (you) gains a license (usually in the form of payment) to use copyright-protected material within their (your) videos on YouTube. Then, the end-user would request the copyright holder to remove the Content ID claim on their specific video.

Declan DP will still be giving YouTube Licenses for free, but when using these Content ID songs, you will need to request for the claim to be removed. Declan DP recommends making your video unlisted and submitting the claim removal form up to three days before you're ready to make your video live (to ensure you keep all your revenue).

Songs currently under this Content ID Music License

Below is a list of songs currently licensed under a Content ID Music License by Declan DP:

  • Mystery (March 2021)

  • Living Wild (August 2021)

  • Wish You Were Here (October 2021)