Usage Policy

Using the music

Music produced by Declan DP is royalty-free. Royalty-free is defined as material that can be used without paying royalties each time you get paid. You still need to license the music, even when the material is royalty-free. Declan DP remains the worldwide copyright holder of all material released unless stated otherwise.

Licenses can be either for free or may need to be purchased so please make sure you have a valid license. For music by Declan DP, YouTube and Instagram licenses are free but for any other website / platform, a license will need to be purchased.

Purchasing a license is not the same as paying royalties, royalties are earned every week / month from the video you make whereas a license gives you permission to use the music in your video in the first place.

Sometimes, you may see phrases such as "Copyright-Free" or "Copyright-Safe", these terms have been created by users searching for material that is Royalty-Free. Please do not assume that if the material is tagged as "Copyright-Free" that you can steal it or use it without licensing as this is not the case and will result in a copyright claim


The music can be used on various platforms as long as the end-user (you) locates the relevant license from my license page. There are different types of licenses depending on the platform or use. These are:

YouTube License - Free "Copy & Paste" license

Instagram License - Free "Copy & Paste" license

Twitch License - Chargeable

Facebook License - Chargeable

Podcast License - Chargeable

Social Media License - Chargeable

Online Ad License - Chargeable

TV, Film License - Chargeable

Audio Library+ Commerical LicenseChargeable

You must also follow the other Policies, including the License Policy

What you can do with the music

For YouTube / Instagram

  • You can use the music on YouTube / Instagram when you copy and paste the relevant license into your video description.

  • You can chop / extend the duration of the music so that it fits your video.

  • You can monetize your content and keep 100% of the revenue earned.

For any other website / platform

  • You can use the music on platforms other than YouTube / Instagram when you have purchased a valid license from my licensing page.

  • You can chop / extend the duration of the music so that it fits your video.

  • You can monetize your content and keep 100% of the revenue earned.

What you can't do with the music

For all websites / platforms

  • You can't use the music without a valid license.

  • You can't create your own rules / licenses.

  • You can't edit Declan DP / Audio Library licenses.

  • You can't rename / retitle the music.

  • you can't claim the music as your own or someone elses.

  • You can't remix / remake / duplicate the music in any form.

  • You can't use MP3 converters to download the music or promote the use of one.

  • You can't upload the material to any music detection services such as (but not limited to);

          - Shazam / Apple Siri.

          - YouTube / Facebook Content ID.

  • You can't distribute the music, this includes (but not limited to);

          - Giving away the download(s) for free.

          - Selling the music.

          - Uploading to online music streaming / distribution websites (such as Audio Grab, Soundcloud, Etc...)

          - Adding to streaming stores (such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Etc...)

Please note

Declan DP reserves the right to refuse the use of the music and / or to remove any material from any platform which contains music provided under this policy in the following circumstances:

  • When the music is being used without a license.

  • When fake licenses or rules have been created.

  • When the music has been edited / remixed in any form other than being chopped / extended.

  • When the music has been renamed / retitled / stolen.

  • When the music is being distributed / given away.

  • When being used in conjunction with illegal activity or hate speech.

  • When Declan DP videos / artwork / logos are re-uploaded or reused.

  • When there is reasonable concern that damage may be caused to the material, Declan DP, or other creators across all websites / platforms.

All sound recordings, musical compositions, logos, and videos are copyright protected worldwide unless stated otherwise. Declan DP holds full exclusive rights to all material released and any attempt to take away these rights will have legal consequences as Declan DP holds evidence for the creation of each song / composition.

Any infringement will not be tolerated.

"Copyright-Free", "Copyright Safe" and other similar terms may be added to describe material that is Royalty-Free. The music being Royalty-Free does not remove legal copyright from any material but means that the end-user may use the material without continuously paying royalties. This does not mean that the material can be used without licensing, all material must be licensed, even when royalty-free.

Additional Information

Declan DP does not accept any form of infringement. Any person(s) found to use the material in a way that could cause damage / losses will have the material removed and may face legal action.

By purchasing / downloading any song / license from Declan DP, you agree to abide by all terms of use, policies and rules set out by Declan DP. You agree that misusing the music / licenses will result in a copyright claim and that Declan DP may not offer any retraction of any active claim made.

You agree and understand the policies below: