Usage Policy

This usage policy is for YouTube and Instagram licenses. If you want to use the music on any other platform / website, click the button below.

What you can do with the music

  • You can use the music for free on YouTube and Instagram but you must copy and paste the license(s) into your video descriptions.

  • You can chop/extend/edit the duration of the music to fit your video.

  • You must purchase a license if you'd like to use the material anywhere outside of YouTube/Instagram or for any other use.

What you can't do with the music

  • You can't use MP3 Converters to download the music.

  • You can't remix/remake/duplicate the music.

  • You can't rename/retitle the music.

  • You can't claim the music as your own or someone elses.

  • You can't edit/change the licenses or create your own.

  • You can't copy/edit/re-use logos or videos by Declan DP.

  • You can't upload the material to any music detection services such as (but not limited to);
    - Shazam/Apple Siri
    - YouTube/Facebook Content ID

  • You can't distribute the music, this includes (but is not limited to);
    - Giving away the download(s) for free
    - Selling the music
    - Uploading to online music streaming/distribution sites (Audio Grab, SoundCloud ETC...)
    - Adding to streaming stores (Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify ETC...)

Please note: I have zero tolerance to misuse of my material. 

Example Licenses

Example YouTube License

Example Instagram License

Each license can be found within each Product Page.

Audio Library Licenses

Audio Library licenses can appear differently to Declan DP licenses but they are still valid and still fall under this usage policy. When using a license from Audio Library, please follow the rules advised of above.

Example Audio Library License

This is an example of a license you'd use if you found my music via Audio Library's channel.

Audio Library Plus licenses are seperate, the music via their channel is officially released by the record label and contracted with the artists. For rules on Audio Library Plus licenses, please visit:

Example Audio Library+ License

This is an example of a license for an official Audio Libary+ Release. These licenses are different and fall under a seperate Usage Policy.

Please note: I have zero tolerance to misuse of my material. 

Please Note

Declan DP reserves the right to refuse use of the music and/or to remove any material which contains music provided under these licenses in the following circumstances:

  • When the music is not licensed properly.

  • When fake licenses or rules have been created.

  • When the music has been edited/remixed in any way other than being chopped/extended.

  • When the music has been re-named/retitled/stolen.

  • When the music is being distributed/given away.

  • When being used in conjunction with illegal activity or hate speech.

  • When original Declan DP videos/artwork/logos are re-used.

  • When there is reasonable concern that damage may be caused to Declan DPs material or reputation.

All sound recordings, musical compositions and logos are copyrighted worldwide unless stated otherwise. Declan DP holds full exclusive rights to all music released and any attempt to take away these rights will have legal consequences as Declan DP holds evidence for the creation of each song/composition.

Any infringement will not be tolerated.